The Mayor Listened to Me!

Ok… probably not to me, but I have been banging on about the idea for some time, since my 2007 post on Paris’ Velib, so maybe mine was one of the many voices that came to his ears eventually… So they are going to finally start a bike sharing program in Los Angeles! News story here, and the Mayor Villaraigosa will be talking more about it at the start of today’s CicLAVia.

This is fantastic news!!! With this, the opening of the Expo line in a couple of weeks, and a number of other things, it feels like a lot of my dreams for LA are coming true….


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2 Responses to The Mayor Listened to Me!

  1. Carol Johnson says:

    Brilliant news – I have yet to try one of the Boris bikes or Barclays bikes over here!!! Hope all of the major cities around the world see the benefit of offering a service like this. cmj+

  2. excitedstate says:

    The Nice Ride bike sharing program has been a big hit in the Twin Cities, so here’s hoping it will be just as popular in LA with your year-round bike friendly weather.