The Expo line will be opening (after an incredibly long testing phase) on April 28th. I’ll be there, Brompton in hand, to test it out, I think. A couple of articles on it appeared in the LA Weekly and the LA Times.

I’ve been excited about this for a while, not just because there’ll be a station across the street from my office, essentially (and the fact that when phase two is completed in 2015, or thereabouts, I’ll be able to step out of my office and board a train for the beach), but because I think this will positively transform the corridor connecting downtown to the USC campus, continue to enhance the campus itself, Exposition Park and the museums, and the corridor out to Culver City.

Fantastic News!

And you know what? There are *still* people (even people who work at USC) who remain unaware that there’ll be a branch of the subway system coming right by…


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