Dance and Fractals!

Here are the two films that won honorable mentions in the Science Film Competition. Consider watching them in full HD.

I’ll release the others tomorrow…



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5 Responses to Dance and Fractals!

  1. Sid says:

    These are awesome! The animation and music on the second was stunning. Thanks for sharing. Hoping to get involved with this contest next year.

  2. Mary Cole says:

    Thank you for showing these films which in their individual ways were so informative! I loved the approach of using the dancer to demontrate and explain forces. (And what clear and concise explanations.)The second film was just great too. What a marvellous use of animation and I thought the music was just right. My two year old son was transfixed!!

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  4. Clifford says:

    Sid… Excellent! Keep an eye out for announcements. If I get funds, I will do it.

    Mary – yes, indeed. Two very different takes on what constitutes a “science film” that work very well in concept and execution.


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