Orange on the Table

One day a few days ago I decided to make a quick meal from some things I’d find in the garden: Two orange food items were available – some crookneck squash and a few small orange tomatoes. Excellent.

How did the meal take shape? Quickly, simply, and tastily.

I chopped an onion, diced the squashes, crushed a few cloves of garlic, and chopped a red tomato into small pieces too (the three tiny orange cherry toms were not enough). I also finely chopped a small piece of ginger. I heated a tablespoon or two of olive oil in my large deep (high-sided) frying pan (another All-Clad treasure), and sauteed everything at moderate heat, keeping a lot of movement in the pan to stop burning and/or excess soaking up of oil. I found that I had some sweetcorn left over from some corn-bread making from some days before and so added those as well for more yellowy goodness. Salt to taste, and of course lots of freshly ground black pepper… I also threw in some bits of chopped cilantro for colour near the end. (In retrospect, I ought to have maybe served it with a tiny squeeze of lemon juice over the completed dish. Hmmm….)

This was a refinement on my earlier exploration of this cycle of squashes. Interested in doing something similar but unsure of pitfalls? There are none really. This is as simple as can be and more or less foolproof, since the ingredients are so good and simple to start out with…The tiny issue of subtlety was simply to not let it all get so bogged down or over-cooked that one loses the character of the squash as the main ingredient, and the sense that it is fresh and tasty from the garden… I put the squash in first (after the onions had cooked down a bit) since they’d take longer than anything else…

It was delicious, served on a bed of (fairly) plain couscous:


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