Ah. Should have mentioned this before. Tomorrow I’ll be talking at Revolution Books. No, I won’t be stirring up political buzz or anything like that, rallying the troops, singing the songs and so forth. Sorry to disappoint. I’ll be there doing what I usually do – trying to put a bit of science out there among the rest of the culture where it belongs. I ran into Keith James of Revolution Books in the market one day some time ago and he recognized me from a tv show explaining science – and I was hanging out with a writer friend whose work he was a fan of, and so it was a two-birds-one-stone thing for him, stopping us to say hi. He raised the idea of me coming and explaining Einstein’s Relativity at the bookstore, and I readily agreed. It has been a long time in the making -largely due to me- but we finally settled on a date, and it is tomorrow. I also suggested that I put them in touch with a friend at the Griffith Observatory so that after my talk, they can do a trip up to it to look at the wonderful displays there, perhaps with a dedicated guide. I think they are doing it!

So, I hope you enjoy it if you go along. The talk is entitled “Revolutions in Science: Einstein’s Relativity”, ‘cos I’m being playful, you see. The announcement is here. My talk will not be a fancy multimedia presentation thing, which was never the intention, but more of a loosely structured chat, with a few illustrations here and there. That’s the plan anyway. We shall see what I come up with once I’ve put the coffee on and curled up with a notepad…


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