building_construction_paintedOh, I finished the painting of the page that, perhaps annoyingly, I’m showing you only a corner of. Now you’ve seen three stages of development in the production process, from pencils to inks to painting. See the other two pages (here and here) for comparison.

I digitally paint for this work, using a variety of techniques. This is a big silent single-panel splash page early on in the story, and I’m using it to root the reader in reality, the location, and the principal character, and so I’ve broken out the special effects a touch. Yes, I am a traditionalist, as I’ve explained before, with most of the final look of my work not being so different from what could be done in the pre-digital era, but I am not pig-headedly so, and from time to time I use (lightly, mostly) the digital tools to achieve certain things – the gradients and the playful lens flare.

This is based on a real location, and preparatory work involved visiting the location, making measurements, standing in odd places to understand how it fits together and how people move through it, counting objects, just walking it several times to get a feel of it, and taking reference photos**.

Yes, I’m nuts. Get used to it. I have.

Anyway, so the buildings are done on this page (sigh… another thousand windows), and there is a sunny sky, and surrounding buildings. You can see them all reflected in the buildings, as well as some shadow. Remember that the sky blue has a lovely pattern of lights and darks depending upon where the sun is? (It is a pattern of polarization of the sun’s light from its scattering in the atmosphere. Look up – then read this post.) That’s in there a bit too, both direct and reflected. This piece/page was fun to study and to execute.

There’s much more to this than drawing and painting pictures, and I’ll talk more about that in a later post, telling you more about other development stages, story elements, and how one pays attention to making sure these pictures work together
to form a narrative, which is the point of The Project (see earlier posts). Oh, I hear people want to see more actual people too. Let’s see…


**Some of these things get me noticed by security guards – I would not be surprised if there is a fat file on me somewhere.

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