Black Lines

building_construction_inkedOk, I have inked the pencils I constructed earlier, showing parts of two real buildings that form the background to the opening pages of one of my stories.

In the end I did the curves freehand instead of fiddling with French curves*. Now for these objects, the inking (done freehand with ink drawing pens – I sometimes use brushes or brush pens too) is actually pretty much just networks of black lines since they are background details and, moreover, very simple skyscrapers. There are some others in this page that are more complicated, but let’s stick to these. There’s also the first full on view of the first principal character (you saw her in a previous post).

Most of the additional structure on these comes in the painting stage, as there is a sky, its reflections in the buildings, the sun, its reflection, and the reflections of other buildings. I’ll show you that later, once I’m done. A fun thing to keep an eye on when doing this is that the sky has a lot of structure that can tell you where the sun is even if it is not visible. Remember the post I did on that? Stay tuned.


(*I find those are almost always best enjoyed on French ladies. Yeah, I know, this is a family blog… It’s the holiday weekend afternoon wine talking.)

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