Not Really Herding Cats

It is a cool and damp morning here in Los Angeles. There’s a slow mist covering everything in moisture, and there are dripping sounds from many directions if you are still and listen. I made a cup of tea at about 7:00am and decided, what with the mist, the coolness, and the Saturdayness, to head back to bed for an hour. But on my way there I spotted my friend outside in the garden, so we hung out for a while, before he eventually wandered off down the street (possibly a bit miffed at me encouraging him to chase an annoying squirrel rather than just sit and have a good groom…).

Somehow this put my in mind of the following film*. Yes, it is for an advertisement for Ikea (other curiously-named, fun-to-assemble and maybe-soon-to-fall-apart furniture is available), but it is still quite lovely. 100 cats let loose in an Ikea – fun!

The finished advertisement (appropriately for my mood called “Happy Inside”) is here:


*Thanks Ilaria!

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6 Responses to Not Really Herding Cats

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  2. Carol&Co says:

    When we take a trip to Ikea in Croydon this weekend, I will see things differently. Thanks for sharing this. cmj+

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  4. robert says:

    That advert is amazing – three generations of us sit in front of the tube and go ahhh!. Presumably your new friend likes it too.

  5. Carol&Co says:

    Just saw this on Channel 4 a few minutes ago – thanks for the heads up. It was just like the first time of viewing – amazing! cmj+