Amazing Asimov

Happy New Year, dear Reader!

my_robotForgive me for starting the year with an article on environmental problems, but it was Isaac Asimov’s birthday (at least the official one) on Saturday (I learned that here), and I found an excellent video of him talking wonderfully about global warming, united world action on such matters, and other issues back in 1988. It is below. I read a ton of Asimov back when I was a teenager. While not the greatest writing in a literary sense, it was full of wonderful ideas and compelling stories, and was quite inspiring for me at the time.

It is a pity that it was yesterday I switched on the little robot I use weekly to help me fight the good fight against dusty floors (see above right; the company that makes them is called iRobot, by the way – hardly any doubt that an Asimov reader was involved in that naming meeting) and not on his birthday. It would have nicely marked the occasion. Next time that cute little helper bumps my foot when I’m in the way I’m going to have to remind it about the first of the Three Laws of Robotics. (Does not having a positronic brain render it exempt?)

Ok. Here is Asimov (who died in 1992), way ahead of his time talking (in 1988) about the greenhouse effect and other key issues concerning the planet:



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