Physics Nobel for String Theory Instead?

So I don’t usually talk too much about raw politics here, but when the news broke early this morning about the Peace Prize for Barack Obama, I was sure it was a joke. (Or perhaps I was mishearing given that it was almost 2:00am and I was just coming home from a long night downtown which finished with several hours at the Edison bar.) When I woke up five hours later and heard that he’d accepted, I was a bit sad. I think it is simply a mistake, and a distraction. You give the prize to someone for having done stuff. Plain and simple. He has not really left the starting gate yet. (And frankly, on almost all counts – not just peace – he seems to be still at the starting gate trying to find his way out of that little box.) But it is nine months into his presidency, so good or great things can happen yet. But they have not yet. So this prize looks like a lazy political slap in the slap in the face of the Bush administration, a cheap political statement that backfires and cheapens the prize. Obama would have had a huge amount of respect from me if he’d at least tried to respectfully decline.

So stepping away from direct politics I was trying to think what might be a fun and instructive thing to think about this. How about alternative prizes for this week’s categories? Prizes to work (or authors of the work) that while extremely promising, certainly has not met the promise yet (for which the jury is still out since the work is not done).

So I’ll kick off with Physics. Clearly the biggest contender in this new potential-driven mode of giving Nobel Prizes would be String Theory, for the Physics Prize! 🙂 (Not sure who the actual three bodies should be: Susskind, Nambu, and The Supposedly Monolithic String Theory Community?)

Thoughts for this and the other categories?


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4 Responses to Physics Nobel for String Theory Instead?

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  2. Adam Solomon says:

    30 years’ worth of backlogged Physics Nobels for Guth, Steinhardt, and Linde? 😀

  3. Blake Stacey says:

    Well, whichever string theorists are awarded the prize, we’ll have to have some ugly politics over who should’ve gotten it instead. Then somebody’ll start a Facebook group called “Veneziano was robbed!”