Killing the Earth

el_mirage_shootIronically, the day after earth day, a TV program (part of the Naked Science series) entitled ‘How to Kill a Planet’ will air tonight (Thursday 23rd April) at 10pm (Eastern) on National Geographic Channel. It explores various scenarios for how the entire planet could be destroyed. Sensational, yes, but maybe an interesting way of exploring some interesting physics topics in an unusual way, assuming they don’t scare people unduly. I appear in it somewhere, I’m told. I’ll be talking about black holes, and may in fact be shown being swallowed by one, if I recall correctly what was planned. Some may rather enjoy that aspect! [Update: Phil’s on it too!]

You may recall me mentioning a shoot I did up near a dry lake (El Mirage) in the mountains not far beyond Los Angeles (actually, in the Mojave desert), with the ground covered in beautiful fresh snow? (See here and here, and a newly posted picture above.) Well, it was for this show. I’ve no idea what the show will be like, and how they will use my contribution. There’s an overview here.

Actually, since I don’t think I get National Geographic Channel, I might not get to see it tomorrow, so do let me know what you think, if you see it!


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