joshua tree at el mirage lake

Today’s shooting circumstances (see previous post) produced an unexpected bonus: Snow. Lots of it! It is always a pleasant surprise to me how quickly you can get from Los Angeles to some good snow cover. I was not expecting to see any snow – or trudge through any – this season, but it turned out that lots of it had fallen where we were scheduled to shoot. So much so that we could not get to where we wanted to shoot since the access road was clogged. But we shot just at the side of the road instead. More later.

What you can see above is a very lovely Joshua tree with a dry lake in the Mojave desert (by the name of El Mirage) and mountains in the background. All snow covered. I’m standing in about 9 inches of snow taking it. Nice to see a bit of snow – and to be able to leave it behind a few hours later. The trip there took less than two hours of pleasant driving (not counting the leaving at 7:00am part).


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