She Stuck The Landing!!!

16:56 or so: Yep. That was a tense seven minutes. But it is over and they are getting signals. I watched the live feed from the JPL control room. Wow. Who knew this could be so exciting from so far away?! Anybody else watch it?

  phoenix_control_room_celebrations   phoenix_control_room_celebrations  phoenix_control_room_celebrations


P.S. Yes, with my choice of title, I’m clearly practicing for the commentary on the Olympic gymnastics…

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6 Responses to She Stuck The Landing!!!

  1. Aaron Bergman says:

    Mars, Bitches!

  2. Clifford says:



    (punches air in the fashion of control room folks…)


  3. Aaron Bergman says:

    Watch this until the end.

  4. Aaron Bergman says:

    There’s a link stuck in your spam-filter, but it’s a reference to Chapelle’s Show.

  5. wolfgang says:

    This is great news – still a bit more good luck is needed for the solar panels to unfold, the cameras etc.

  6. Clifford says:

    Aaron – found it and recovered it.. and yes – I get the “Mars, Bitches” reference now. Forgotten about that… Thanks!