Science Communication

At the Science Blogging conference earlier this month, there was a very interesting discussion about communication of science, science and the media, and science in politics. It was led by Jennifer Jacquet of Shifting Baselines, and Sheril Kirshenbaum and Chris Mooney (both of The Intersection), who each did a mini-presentation (Sheril and Chris doing a sort of tag-team double act, starting off with discussing Sciencedebate 2008, and moving into discussions of “framing” science, the separation of the cultures, and so forth – and of course, opportunities for bloggers). Happily there was a video made, and I’ve embedded it below (the quality is mixed, but overall not bad – be sure to hang on for the Q&A and discussion, which heats up nicely later on, and becomes more audible than it starts out). I recommend it highly. Share your thoughts about it in the comments if you like. Oh, and be sure to read Abel Pharmboy’s thoughts on the discussion and some of the other presentations (see below), on Terra Sigillata.

Oh! And don’t forget to look at Jennifer Ouellette’s (of Cocktail Party Physics) excellent presentation on Science blogging which was also videod, and embedded below:


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