Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

(Apologies to the Godfather.)

My previous hard case for the Brompton was getting battered to bits by the baggage handlers, was too big for the bike anyway (was an old hard-sided suitcase that I bought second hand for $50), but had put in good service for two years. Options: (1) Look for a new one by driving around lots of second hand luggage places again, finding another almost-fit, or (2) Pay the money for a purpose-built professional case that fits rather snugly (and is quite light) and have more peace of mind that the B’s going to be ok when it gets to the other side. It’s expensive, but will be worth it in the long run…

I picked (2):

  hard case for the Brompton  hard case for the Brompton

(Click for a larger view.)

….and I’ve just unpacked the B in Aspen, Colorado, and ten seconds later, it’s ready to ride! In case you’re (somehow) a reader of the blog that has not been familiarized with the Brompton, click here for a view of it unfolded. Look in the “related posts” list below for some posts in which it makes at least a roll-on appearance.

I’m here for physics, as usual, and the bike is going to be even more useful than before since my apartment is further away from the Aspen Center for Physics than I’ve stayed most times before*. Once I’ve scoped out the lay of the land, I’ll tell you a bit about my mission here.


(*One great thing about the center is that they lend you a bike for the duration of your visit, so not everyone feels the need to fly in with their bikes. I just think it’s fun, and my bike is naturally adapted to be convenient for air travel, so why not?)

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