Being Pedestrian


A scene from Saturday in Grand Hope Park downtown Los Angeles. Several of us turned out to sit, picnic, and chat about being pedestrian in LA. It was about building communities, connecting with people, getting around the city, development, the homeless, the artists, the businesses, restoration, preservation, and so on and so forth. See the site here. I knew about it because Linda Pollack of Habeas Lounge contacted me because she wanted me to come and share a bit about how I use public transport in combination with walking and cycling (and she wanted me to do a bit of show and tell with my Brompton folding bike (you can see it in the picture)).

pedestrian_chat_2pedestrian_chat_3I was not there to be an expert or represent an organization (there were indeed people from some great businesses and organizations present and talking too), but merely to share the thought that a great deal can be made of the public transportation system, especially if you consider cycling and walking as complementary and/or supplementary. Linda recalled me from two years ago when I talked about similar things at a cycling discussion she had organized as part of the artwalk. (That was where I first met the CicLAvia people who were later to make that wonderful event happen.) We chatted on email and the phone and I agreed to come, and suggested some other organizations and people she might contact to come along too, such as the awesome Bicycle Bread people (do check out their site and use their services!), who did indeed come and share their tasty bread!!

It was an excellent event. Thanks Linda!


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  1. Mike says:


    This is off-topic so feel free to delete:

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  2. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the mention and how you connected us to Being Pedestrian and to Linda!
    Hope to see you around USC or at other events…

    God bless,

  3. Paul says:


    Can you recommend any places in L.A., especially around Glendale, I could take a look at folding bikes? As a teen, I rode a full-sized bike about a hundred miles a week until arthritis coming on early made that uncomfortable. I’m beginning to realize that a focus on short trips, a low frame that is easy to step over, and the ability to take it to work as a substitute teacher most days without having to find or bother with a bike rack might make me very happy.

  4. Clifford says:


    While there has been a considerable increase in interest in cycling in LA, and correspondingly a lot of new bike shops, I’m not aware of much recognition of folding bikes and so can’t really point you to any shops. I did everything online, for example. The best folding bike, in my opinion, is the Brompton. It turns out that in recent years a store opened in the area that does stock them, but it is in El Segundo. Worth a trip though… they are very friendly and helpful: The store website is here. (They also do Montagues, and the Xootr…)

    Good luck!


  5. Heidi says:

    This is a great idea, London has recently introduced a system where Bikes are available for hire at most metro stations in the center of the city.