Morning Computations

morning computations…and then you have days when nothing works. At all. This was not like last Saturday. Despite starting out nice and early with a cup of tea in the sunshine and scribbling away while wrinkling one’s brow. Things got worse and worse through the morning, as I realized that many things I so wanted to be right about the next stage of my computation (which perhaps I’ll tell you about one day) were in fact not going to work. Not even close.

By lunchtime I’d given up, and summarized my thoughts on the research blog for my collaborators. Was probably not the most encouraging reading for them to encounter, but I tried to be as constructive in my deconstruction of our idea as I could. I’m hoping that they -or later, I- might find some useful threads to pick up on from my notes and remarks.

It’s not over yet.

Maybe I should have gone for that hike instead of sitting entirely at home on a lovely Saturday. But no, this is better… I now know the nature of where I’m stuck from this session of work, and now that it is properly in my head for me to carry around with me, tomorrow I can go for a hike and mull it over. Perhaps I’ll come back with some fresh ideas…

As for the rest of today… some gardening (see some products in next post)… some dinner… and time to watch “The Curse of the Golden Flower”, which I bought a few days ago for a relaxing night in.


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