Masterclass, II

Don’t forget to catch the latest installment of Joe Polchinski’s rather thorough deconstruction of the nonsense, obfuscation, selective memory, and other confusions that constitute the bulk of Lee Smolin’s attack on string theory.

All the points I’ve had the energy to raise have been made here on Asymptotia already many times by myself and several others in the field*, so I’ll just point to it and leave it to you to read them being made there again (sigh), alongside several fresh and detailed new points of fact and perspective from Joe (and Joe and others in the comment thread). (Joe’s original review is here.) I’ll leave comments switched off here so that you can join in there if you like. I’ve also put a selection of my earlier posts in the list of links below.


(*Although, somewhat bizarrely, you’d not know it by reading strange posts such as this one, which laments the lack of public debate by string theorists… I’m confused.)

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