A New Angle on Saturn

new view of saturn

You can read more on the Cassini site about this wonderful shot of Saturn from a never-before seen angle. Saturn is deliberately over-exposed in order to properly image the rings.

Just amazing, isn’t it?!


(Thanks Michelle!)

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3 Responses to A New Angle on Saturn

  1. spyder says:

    And considering so many little details that must have been addressed to be able to see this image at this point in our lives. It is so amazing. Just the time frames for the photons and other energies to travel from the Sun to Saturn, and the more than an hour it takes for each bit of image data to get back here; as here keeps moving along at factors of supersonic speeds. The radiance of it all, and wonder.

  2. Athena says:

    Images like this always cause me to catch my breath, just a bit. Another one did that today, a video of (images) a solar eclipse that I saw (linked from Bad Astronomy’s blog). Incredible. And purple!

  3. Yvette says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful. I always think people who don’t want to do science after seeing stuff like this are the weird ones…