Fresh Air From Gore

al gore by eric leeAs you may know, Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” has been nominated for an Oscar. If you want to hear more from the man himself (see also his remarks in the previous post), here’s an interview with him on NPR’s Fresh Air. It first aired last year, but it is very current. It’s so good to hear a politician speak so intelligently on these matters

You know, the last few weeks (with, e.g., Bush sort of admitting in his state of the union address there may be a bit of a problem to address, the launch by GM of plans to develop the Volt electric car, the overall increased level of serious and informed environmental discussion in the media, and the recent strong announcement and detailed report from the scientific community, etc) have made me a bit less discouraged about things in this area, I must say. Let’s hope this momentum is maintained and increased.


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