Less In The Dark Than Before?

From NASA, tomorrow, at 1:00pm EST: An announcement about Dark Energy. If the pattern of last time is to be followed, there must be new evidence from the space telescope team (represented by Riess and Livio at the press conference) in favour of one interpretation or another. Since they are saying that they will “announce the discovery that dark energy has been an ever-present constituent of space for most of the universe’s history”, I imagine that means that there is stronger evidence than before for Dark Energy being a cosmological constant.

Exciting stuff. Recall that this is 73% of the matter-energy budget of our universe…. and we’d dearly love to understand what it is, and how it came to be.


(Via Uncertain Principles and Chron.com)

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2 Responses to Less In The Dark Than Before?

  1. Navneeth says:

    Yet another “Mystery Announcement”?

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