We’ve All Been There

You know, I’ve been calculating all day (and oooohhhh, what a calculation. I shall try to tell you about it sometime) and so when I did the previous post about that comic strip, and pointed to the site, I did not actually look through the site for more examples.

Luckily, JoAnne of Cosmic Variance noticed the post, and after reading more of the site (and, from what it sounds like, being overcome with mirth) she posted a few more of them, which came to my notice just now via a pingback. One caught my eye in particular, since we can all relate to it so much!!! Here it is:

been there

Haven’t we all been there?!


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4 Responses to We’ve All Been There

  1. JoAnne says:

    Hey Clifford!

    I spent way more time today than I should have on these cartoons…they are really good! We are all doomed to supersymmetry and extra dimensions pillow talk, so we just have to learn to make it sound damned exciting….

  2. Plato says:

    Neuron developement, is always important from a supersymmetrical point of view?

    I suppose “Laughter” has a way of “uniting” complex information.:)

    I know, I know,… it may seem like babbling again.:)

  3. Aaron F. says:

    Haven’t we all been there?!

    To be honest… no. 😛

  4. erc says:

    I believe one of Feynman’s wives cited “he did math in bed” as one of her reasons for wanting a divorce…. Anyone know if this is apocryphal or not?