Science at Work

From this comic strip:

it works, bitches

Spotted at Pharyngula.


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6 Responses to Science at Work

  1. Aaron F. says:

    Hehehe… XKCD seems to be a favorite of physicists. At my school, this one is posted on the SPS office door. 🙂

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  3. Clifford says:

    Ha Ha! Aaron F.:- That’s brilliant! Thanks!


  4. robert says:

    Why is this funny?

  5. Aaron F. says:

    Why is this funny?

    Because it’s TRUE! 😉

  6. robert says:

    More help is needed here, Aaron F – perhaps we are divided by a common language. Planck’s law is as true as things get in physics; a fine and venerable example of science working, in fact. That of itself, though, hardly raises a titter. So who are these (doubting) bitches? Or is it something else, altogether? Is the temperature/frequency distribution shown particularly germane to why we are here / intelligent design arguments, whose proponents might merit a canine sobriquet?

    I have to admit to ‘getting’ all the other cartoons; this one just passes me by.

    Yours in expectation of enlightenment.