Oops, they did it again…!

LIGO_graphic(Well, not really oops… It’s deliberate.) LIGO has announced another gravitational wave detection from a black hole merger! This time the black holes were 14.2 and 7.5 times the mass of the sun, and merged to form a new black hole of mass 20.8 times the mass of our sun, releasing a burst of energy in gravitational waves picked up by the detectors on December 26th last year. They’ve been analyzing their data run for a while, found this signal, and announced the result today at the American Astronomical Society’s annual meeting in San Diego. There’s a lot more about it in this MIT News article I found. (See my earlier post on the first detection.) (Update: NPR Piece here.)

This is exciting, as it continues to show that we’re on the cusp of a new era of gravitational wave astronomy!


*Image taken from publicity graphic by T. Pyle (LIGO)

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