Of Spies and Spacetime

Stephanie DeMarco interviewed me a few weeks ago for an article she was writing about the science in the TV show Agent Carter (season two). As you know, I did a lot of work for them on the science, some of which I’ve mentioned here, and we spoke about some of that and a lot of interesting other things besides. Well, her article appeared in Signal to Noise magazine, a publication all about communicating science, and it’s really a nice piece. You can read it here. (The excellent title I used for this post is from her article.)


It is a pity that the show has not been renewed for a third season (I’m trying not to imagine an ABC executive banging his or her desk, pointing at the screen, and shouting “there’s too much science in this show!”). The show runners and writers were really breaking a lot of new ground in a lot of ways, putting certain types of characters and issues up on screen that you don’t see very often on TV, mainstream or otherwise. Let’s hope they had a lasting effect in TV (and film) work to come, even if this particular show does not get to continue.


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