Get ready for some “movie science” chatter…

hal_cvj_christina_bigYes, I’ve been hanging out with my Screen Junkies friends again, and this time I also got to meet JPL’s Christina Heinlein, who you may recall was in the first of the Screen Junkies “Movie Science” episodes last year. While we were both in it, I’d not got to meet her that time since our chats with host Hal Rudnick were recorded at quite different times. This time, however, schedules meant that we got to meet and it turns out she’s doing some really fascinating Planetary Science work at JPL and so I immediately invited her to come to USC Physics and Astronomy and give us a colloquium… should be fun.

Why we were at Screen Junkies? Well, yes, we’re talking about science at the movies, and I will leave it to you once again to make some guesses as to what film we will be talking about. It’s probably not too hard to guess. Go on, have a go.

The episode will appear on Thursday, and so I’ll say more then!


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