Upcoming Screen Junkies Episode Alert!

hal_dan_cvj_screen_junkies_augustYes! As you can tell from the photograph, I’ve recorded another episode with the excellent folks at Screen Junkies, and again we’ll be trying to look at some science (or science-related) issues in a movie. That’s presenter Hal Rudnick on the left, and producer/editor/writer Dan Murrell in the middle. The episode will appear tomorrow (Thursday) at around ten am Pacific, and if even a fraction of the fun (and hopefully interesting) stuff we covered makes it to the final cut (we talk for a good amount of time and then it is edited down to something short, because, you know, it’s the internet), I’ll be pleased, since we covered a lot of interesting stuff.

I’m not going to tell you what movie we talk about, but I’ll say this. The idea was that this movie had the potential to explore certain really fun and exciting themes (based on the source material) which are wild science ideas that today’s scientists actually work on, and so we scheduled this episode to explore that, with the help of the movie. Turns out that the film-makers decided not to use essentially any of those awesome elements from the source material… (boo!) but we went and talked about some of it anyway (and I hope some of it makes the cut). So… look out for the episode, and find out what movie we are talking about then!



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