Airline Routine

Since it has been a busy semester so far, I welcomed the flights to and from Ann Arbor (on Thursday and on Saturday) as opportunities airline_sketches_4th_oct_2014_colour to get in a bit of sketching practice. One must keep in shape, especially for work on the graphic book project, when that resumes soon.

airline_sketches_4th_oct_2014 I did some partial sketches of live people while waiting for one flight, and on board the flights dug into the in-flight magazine for faces (as I’ve reported doing here in the past, see e.g. here and here), and found two interesting ones to do quick sketches of. This time I did light pencil at first, to allow me to get some extra accuracy of proportions (so that they were reasonable likenesses of whoever these guys are) and then I finished with ink using a micron pen (click result at right for results). Then, once back at home I dropped in some quick colour, this time with Photoshop. (You can enlarge the final drawings on the left a tad by clicking).

Ok, time for another busy week!


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