More Scribbling

Another dude you may or may not recognize. This is for those of you who wondered who I’d find next to do a sketch of, and is another of those sketches done in the cramped conditions of my airline seat after browsing through a magazine to find an interesting face. See the previous post on this practice. There’s this series of print commercials for a watch or something similar that has served me well with well-lit faces, and so when I thumbed through this month’s Hemispheres, I was quite pleased.

I did this one with a mechanical HB pencil, and it is quite incomplete… there’s a bit of tinkering I could do with the modelling of the cheeks and around the eyes to bring his character out a bit more, but I decided to stop. Maybe later? We shall see. These are short practice runs in very non-ideal circumstances, and time is short this week…


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7 Responses to More Scribbling

  1. Andrew says:

    Looks like Tag Heuer

  2. Clifford says:

    Indeed! They’ve supplied me with a few nicely lit subjects to help me pass the time on my flights…


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