Discovery Coincidence

chatter_sketch_arenaSome of you are wondering what I’m working on while on retreat. Well, actually there’s a nice coincidence here. I’m working on the graphic book that you may have heard me talk about a bit. “The Project” as I sometimes call it. I’ve been doing things on various aspects of it, such as reworking the description of it for various people to look at, writing new bits, and spending a bit of time pulling together various bits of the prototype story I used to start all of this back in 2010. The prototype bits have all of my experimentation and development of style and technique all over them, and so there are pages that needed a bit of rework (to say the least). So, on Monday, day one of retreat, off I went working on the story (illustration above is a tiny panel from it. A retouched drawing of two characters in exaggerated one-point perspective)… Well, the coincidence is that the story is all about Inflation (including what it is and how modern measurements can tell you about it), and I turned on the radio and there was… a new discovery about Inflation all over the news! Since the collection of stories concerns people talking about science ideas out there in the world (and I’ve yet to convince a publisher that this is something that the average reader would give a damn about… sigh), I think it is frustratingly amusing that all of a sudden my story’s core happening – people talking about Inflation – was really happening all over the world, given the press coverage.

Fun times.

By the way, I just need to say to nobody in particular that the blob brush tool is awesome*.


(*It’s an Adobe Illustrator thing…)

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