New Year Renewal

renewal_bike_standHappy New Year, to all readers of Asymptotia!

I bought myself a treat for the new year, after much deliberation and hesitation. I hesitated because it is not something I needed, but definitely something that would improve things a bit. It is a stand at which to do repairs and general maintenance on the bike. I really don’t like fiddling with things like adjusting gears, changing and balancing wheels, and so forth when the bike is on the ground. You have to wrestle with it a bit as it squirms around, and for a long, subtle task (like adjusting gear shifts and so forth as I had to do recently), it can be tiring on the back too. So I bought a nice stable stand (pictured*), and all of a sudden the tasks I had to do seemed like nothing but fun. I was up early this morning making adjustments in the sunshine, and even got out a bucket of water and gave the thing a thorough clean with a cloth (something I’ve not done for years) and a bit of lubrication. It is a good as new! Now there’s only one thing left to do… take it for a long ride and get some exercise and fresh air!

Happy New Year!


*Yes, I know my palm trees and hedge need a bit of a trim. That’s all on the list of things to do before the semester starts up.

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2 Responses to New Year Renewal

  1. dff says:

    You know you are doing it right when the tools cost more than the bike.

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