On July Landmarks

So, last July, we had a huge landmark with the discovery of a new particle key to how our universe works – we now know it is a Higgs particle, something we’ve been waiting for a very long time. See many earlier posts about that.

This July, just this weekend, we had another huge landmark – a British tennis player won Wimbledon!! (Ok, I’m only partly serious about listing this alongside the Higgs result…) I am actually doubly excited about this, because in addition to Andy Murray actually winning, my old favourite player Ivan Lendl was coaching him. Lendl, a fantastic player, was a symbol of determination and hard work during his playing career, but never won Wimbledon, so for me this win was partly for him too. Murray said as much in his speech during the award ceremony, so I was happy to see that. For me, there is a serious point here – it is good to see success on such a huge stage for people whose public characteristics are first and foremost dogged determination and hard work, and that it wss only of secondary importance whether they fit some narrow definition of being charismatic or not.

So, given two fantastic groundbreaking Julys in a row, what can we look forward to in the next few Julys? Dark matter particles? First contact with an alien species? England winning the World Cup? Ok, maybe That last one is going a bit far…


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