Red, Gold, and Green

red_gold_green_july_2013_2Happy 4th of July, those of you who are celebrating it. I should have brought you Red, White, and Blue, but those are not the colours prevailing in the garden right now. Also, I don’t know of any blue tomato varieties. There’s a bit of a bonanza of tomatoes right now, I am pleased to report. All that time spent composting is paying off again, perhaps. A small part of the harvest is in the photograph above, showing six of the varieties in the garden this year. (Click for a larger view.) I don’t recall all of their names, but I’m particularly pleased to have both red and green zebras this year.

This makes for a lot of light tasty meals, and a good deal of time spent tethering branches laden with fruit to stakes and frames. There seems to be more to tie up every day.


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