How is that Supposed to Work, Exactly? (Part II)

Well, since some of you are curious about how the page might look in final form, given the (nicer than normal) rough I showed you a little while ago, I thought I’d show you. page_sample_inked(For those of you not following, this is part of the graphic science book project I’m slowly working on. More here.)

I got carried away and decided to properly pencil out the whole page and ink it fully, and then I painted the same panel as before. Now you can see more carefully rendered faces according to the design I chose for these characters, and you can also see the backgrounds of the setting a bit more. It is another real location, a very well known place in Europe. (Actually, I spent some days doing research online to try to reconstruct the details of the interior from tourist photographs, and reconstructed the whole space on paper and on my computer. Was kind of fun, actually.)

Anyway, if you like, you can compare to the earlier roughs for your entertainment. Sorry about the small size – It took many hours to produce this one page, and so you’ll forgive me for not sharing it in great detail at this stage.


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