USC Science Film Competition 2013 – Results!

There’s a news article out about the results of the USC Science Film Competition that you might like to read. It is by Susan Bell and it is in USC Dornsife News here. In there, you’ll find interviews with one of the winning teams of students, as well as with me. I talk about my reasons for running this competition each year and what I hope to achieve. (Photo courtesy of USC Dornsife.)

The showcase and awards ceremony, held on January 23rd, was a success, and it was a pleasure to meet with many of the students who participated, and feel the buzz of excitement in the room. Thanks everyone who participated, including the panel of judges for their hard work. Once again, the Anton Burg Foundation supported the competition (funding things like the large prizes I had the pleasure of giving away) and we’re all very grateful for that.

Ok, well of course you want to know the outcome, right? Well, here goes. I’ve included the titles and membership of the interdisciplinary teams below, along with embeds of the films.

The winners were:

(1st Prize $3000) A Very Altruistic Christmas by Evan McGahey, a junior in the USC School of Cinematic Arts (co-director, co-producer, and played the role of the thief’s cousin), Evan Iwata, a senior in the School of Cinematic Arts was co-director, co-producer and principal cinematographer and editor, Liffany Chen, a junior double major in the USC School of Theatre and the USC School of Cinematic Arts; and senior Max Erwin, a double major in USC Dornsife and the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Erwin composed the music for the film and acted as one of the cinematographers. Junior Sana Azam, a neuroscience major in USC Dornsife with a minor in the USC School of Cinematic Arts, helped to produce the film. Luke Griffin of USC Viterbi School of Engineering played Santa, Andre Anthony Chahwan of USC School of Dramatic Arts played the thief and Mathew Maneval of USC School of Architecture played the officer.

2nd Prize ($2,000): Stem Cell Billy by Andrew Peat, Harry Locke IV, Catherine Choolijian and Adam Mergenthal of USC School of Cinematic Arts and biology major Marie Rippen of USC Dornsife.

3rd Prize ($1,000): Cosmic Billiards by Connor Fitzgerald, Michael Francisco, Pearce Healey, Sharon Choi, Danyel Copeland and Rebecca Witzel, of USC School of Cinematic Arts; Monisha Dadiani and Brandon Horton of USC School of Theatre; Silvereen Bay and Michelle Man of USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism; biology major Amanda See of USC and Hannah Powell of USC Dornsife; and Greg Grabarek of USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

Audience Prize ($750): Coffee for Lila by physics majors Daniel Ben-Zion and Abhinav Prem of USC Dornsife; Katie Lemon of USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, and Kelsey Napier of USC School of Cinematic Arts.

You can see all these films together with the other films in this year’s competition on the YouTube Channel I created for them here. Enjoy!

Here are some photos from the showcase evening:

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