The Fifth Feeling!

Check out episodes 1 and 2 of The Fifth Feeling, a new web series that has a comedic heart and a science documentary wrapper that might amuse you! I think it is hilarious*!

There’ll be more episodes appearing on that Umami Burger channel in the coming days, I expect. Check back for them.

More later… (Don’t be shy about sharing this with friends!)


*Full disclosure: I know the writer/director very well, and I also know some of the cast, but my thinking it is funny is totally unrelated to that!

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4 Responses to The Fifth Feeling!

  1. Carol says:

    Very funny! It lit up all the hedonic spots in my brain. Also made me a little hungry — time satisfy that desire with some glutamates and nucleotides. ; )

  2. Danny says:

    Excellent web show, graced by the indomitable Ray Wise as Dr. Kanye West. It reminds me somewhat of Peter Serafinowicz’s “Look Around You” (, which spoofed the traditional style of educational programming we grew up with. In spoofing the modern style of science documentary, “The Fifth Feeling” also hooks into the reality TV zeitgeist which many scidoc showrunners these days are so enamored with. I do so love irreverent piss-taking. Thanks much for sharing! 😉

    I was just catching up on the 7th series of “The Universe” and found this blog’s eclectic confluence of interests while looking up your areas of academic research. D-branes and sketches and cacti, oh my! I enjoyed my visit, and always enjoy your docu contributions on “The Universe”. Take care! 😉

  3. Clifford says:


    Delighted you enjoyed it too. I enjoyed it a lot. Good ol’ Ray Wise! I hope you’ve seen some of the later episodes too, that have since been put up. Yes – Look Around You is brilliant!

    Thanks a lot for watching The Universe. Season 7 was fun to do! Glad you enjoyed the blog…. come back soon!


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