Look Before You Leap

As you know from reading here, I think that careful thought is important. I like it in conversation, among other places, so I like it when people take the time to stop and think about something before talking.

I prefer conversations with such space over those interactions where everyone is trying to somehow “win” it by filling all available space with chatter, contentful or not. (In fact, over the years, I think I’ve gone out of my way to avoid the latter as much as possible, including the people who tend to need to engage that way…) So not surprisingly, when writing conversations, for example for The Project, you’ll find that I have places where time visibly goes by while a character thinks for a beat or few.

This is the painted version of something you saw last month (but note the changes to the eyes). (It is in turn part of a re-do of a trio of panels I’d done some time back.)


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