Curious about Curiosity?

So, if like many people, you are excited about the (late) weekend landing of Curiosity (the roving Mars Science Laboratory) on Mars, and/or if you want to know more, Kenneth Chang has an article in the New York Times all about it here. (Image right is an artist’s impression done for NASA/JPL.) The sequence of operations that have to go right for Curiosity to, er, stick the landing* is quite amazing, and so let’s all wish them good luck. Have a look at some of the simulation videos given at the site to get an idea of how your luck particles will be used. Look at the NASA mission site for more. As part of their Curiosity Week, KPCC My local radio station, based just down the hill from NASA’s JPL, has a website with timelines, interviews, quizzes, etc…

Exciting times!


(*Did you see what I did there?)

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