Time for Superstring Beans

Yeah, I’ve made this joke before but I am always impressed when these begin to show up at the market, and they’e been showing up the last few weeks.

They’re very tasty, so I’m pleased to see and buy them… but I do suspect that a tiny part of the reason I get them is that I get to write a blog post with Superstring Beans in the title once again (see earlier posts on this here and here).

Click for a larger view, if you wish.

Anyway, there it is. Some are going into a pan tonight for my evening meal…


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4 Responses to Time for Superstring Beans

  1. Jonathan says:

    I used to eat these a lot in Sichuan pickle: http://www.beccaplaying.com/2012/06/sichuan-pao-cai.html

    Highly recommended for a great zingy taste!

  2. Richard says:

    Holy! These are very long! I’ve never saw such beans before, I gotta check the market tomorrow…

    Gaming Author

  3. Gleanne Marie says:


    Very clever, Dr. Johnson…

  4. Salvador Navarro says:

    Well, aside from it looking funny, string beans are rich in fiber, high in calcium and are immune boosters.