Science and Food!

Yes, two of your favorite things, right?

I thought so. Well, consider signing up to my friend Amy Rowat’s special new course at UCLA on the subject. It will feature many fantastic chefs from some of the finest restaurants around the city and beyond, as well as some excellent food writers. The course will have a wealth of wonderful information (like at the answers to why carrots are sweeter in the Winter), and hands on practice to get involved in. I think the course is only open to UCLA students (who should be sure to register fast to get on the limited list), but there are four public events (I think you might have to register for those too, as space it limited). See the list of events here. I’ve mentioned Amy and her work here on the blog before, soho and have a look at the earlier post for more about her work at UCLA, and go here for more on the Rowat Lab. (See also a recent article featuring her lab’s work on food science in UCLA’s Prime magazine’s Winter 2012 edition.)

Now, even if you do not make it over to UCLA, you can check you the excellent website Amy has put together here, that will be updated from time to time with information from the course. So we can all get involved with experiments in our own kitchens.

Maybe next time I see Amy I’ll whisper the idea of writing a book about all this to her… While there’s a lot of science-meets-food books out there, I think her take on it (given the work she does in her lab and after doing this course with all these interesting guests) might be an interesting one to add to the mix…


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One Response to Science and Food!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Have you seen the courses on offer from Harvard on Science and Cooking:

    Actually being there for real beats the virtual version I’m sure, but for those of us without the chance, this is the next best thing.