Rough Pages

Well, it’s a time-consuming process (continuing the new work on The Project mentioned in a recent post), especially when you put in more detail than really needed on what is supposed to be a rough layout. Sigh… Anyway, I’m several pages along in layouts for a story I wrote a while back, and I’m flipping ahead from time to time and wondering how long this beast is going to end up being! In any case, it’s a fun topic (or topics) being explored in this one. I’m wondering if I should try to find a way of splitting it into two stories or perhaps find a way of breaking it and revisiting it (hmmm…yes, I think that might be the way to do it) so that it does not dominate too much… The two pages (click for larger view) are examples of the roughs… This is actually a story that predates (in time/setting) “The Arena”, the prototype story I mentioned and showed sample of in various posts some time back. As you can see, I make little notes to myself to make adjustments when I do the true detailed pencils to fix things like relative size or positioning, etc…

Ok, dinner break now…


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