Market Inks

Well, to be accurate, I did the inking later on. I liked a quick pencil sketch I did at the Hollywood farmer’s market on Sunday. Not far from when I did that previous market scene.

There was a woman who’d set up a stand to do painting of children’s faces with clown-type makeup. Seemed like easy prey to get some interesting sketches.

As it happens I only got one because people had the unfortunate habit of standing between me and the painting lady to get a view of what was going on… and then the market began to close up. But I got one quick sketch of the form of the woman and a little girl she was painting.

Today, to relax in the evening a bit and practice some rusty skills I got out this ink pen I’ve not used in a long time and did an ink version. It’s incomplete, but it’ll do. Maybe I’ll splash some colour on it later. Maybe not…


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