Dark Red and Orange

These are lovely. The dark ones are very unusual, perhaps. They are Purple Russians, usually thought of alongside the Black Russian varieties that I think are usually more round.

There’s a whole black tomato category in the tomato-growing world, and this is one of many. (Click for a larger view.) These were the second of the clusters of handsome green tomatoes in a previous post.

The garden continues to produce a variety of tasty things. These were from a little over a week ago. The downside is that one part of the garden is under attack from Slinky. So some time to time I find ripened tomatoes missing, or eaten. Very annoying, especially since it is a drag to be setting traps and so forth every evening, and sometimes they manage to get all the peanut butter without the dratted thing going off.

Anyway, these are part of the trappings of gardening. You have to deal with vermin. Fluffy will no doubt begin attacks in the trees once those begin to ripen. That’s the worst of all, since it’s hard to defend against, and the Fluffy contingent is highly destructive. (See the last two years of Summer posts for more on Slinky, Fluffy, and the various wars I’ve had with them.)

But, anyway. Tasty tomatoes!


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3 Responses to Dark Red and Orange

  1. Ele Munjeli says:

    Do you know, when I was working in a greenhouse, we always used the sticky traps. I guess they’re more effective since they don’t trigger. They’re not very green, but if you have a limited population…

  2. Carol Johnson says:

    Wow – bottle some for Dee and me please – never seen a black tomato ever! Good luck with the vermin – fortunately our garden is not attractive to them and besides they are probably sheltering from the rain – downpours here every other day (I’ve had to dig out the umbrella)! Sometimes reminds us of the seven days of rain we had with you in December! cmj+

  3. Anonymous_Snowboarder says:

    The long war against the evil Fluffy-Slinky Axis continues…what will our valiant hero try next to defend the defenseless? Is that a spark in the air…?