Heads Up

The last day or two I’ve paused from various things due to various other things intervening and competing for time. For work toward the project in the in-betweens, I’ve decided to do a bit of study (really, re-study and move things forward a bit) of head construction… mostly working on two key things: (1) Variety of types and (2) more solidity and, er, sculptedness…. This will help with improved production and character design and so forth later on, for The Project.

All while still keeping speed at a good clip. At the right is a quick study I did toward the end of the day today. It is rough, and I am focusing on overall structure, so forgive the crudity. I’d been working entirely with pencil earlier in the day, so this was a change of medium, and a change of pace, that is often useful for getting nice flow. The medium? I used the app Brushes on the iPad. So there’s the one thin stroke of black, using a stylus. I’d done a rough framework of blue underneath first, for layout and bulk.

Just for fun, I’ve included something else you might find interesting. I have downloaded the record that the application makes of the actions I used in making the drawing, and then used the Brushes viewer program on my laptop to export it as a movie. After a slight edit in imovie, I uploaded a small version to YouTube, and so now you can see (mostly) how I built the drawing:


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3 Responses to Heads Up

  1. Ele Munjeli says:

    Good fun. I like the video. I had a friend who was a master designer who said that learning to rip out was as important as learning to sew: I thought of this when I saw you erasing.

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