Google Glimpses

Well, don’t forget the total lunar eclipse tonight! It is already starting… Apparently it will be the longest one for over ten years. It won’t be visible in North America, however, but google has provided a way to make sure you get your, er, lunatic desires to see the moon in earth shadow. For a start, there’s another excellent google doodle on their front page today (snapshot right) that allows you to slide the shadow over the moon to your heart’s desire. Furthermore, there’s a live feed of the eclipse on their YouTube channel, here.



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4 Responses to Google Glimpses

  1. Amy says:

    The titles of your last three posts are all double Gs. Surely, this is intentional? If so, good going. You are greatly gifted.

  2. Clifford says:

    Going Gaga, perhaps.

    You’re greatly generous, in any case.


  3. kpk says:

    Great going!

  4. Doug Morris says:

    I was wondering what their logo of an eclipse was all about. Thanks for the explanation.