Another Purple Indicator…

… of Summertime fun*!

Yes, I went with some friends to see His Purpleness last night, at the Forum. Remarkably fun show, with tons of great music. He played and played and played, including some long James Brown style jams where he channeled much of the master’s moves and stylings, and – yes! – brought on Maceo Parker as a guest for a lot of the evening’s proceedings. (Who is Maceo Parker, you ask?! The familiar also saxophone soloist on a lot of the famous James Brown hits…) He did so many of his songs, including some of the great hits known to all, and some of the songs that he’s written that have been made famous by others, such as “Nothing Compares 2 U”**.

…And he kept coming back for more… leaving the stage entirely, with people setting off to leave, and then returning for another long jam. He did this three times into the night. Fantastic show overall. And guess what the bonus is? The tickets were $25.00 each. No, not the amount before all the annoying ticketmaster fees… that’s the total. This impromptu tour of 21 nights was announced by Prince last month, along with the fact that he was going to have these cheap tickets available, releasing them only in batches so that they don’t get all sold out to the resale market.

It was certainly one of the best stadium shows I’ve been to in quite some time… Fantastic!


*Other purple indicators include Jacarandas, as I blogged recently.

**Made famous by the ever-self-promoting letter U, on its album of the same name, featuring other memorable hits such as “U Send Me”, “U R my Everything”, and of course, “U Don’t Know What Love Is”.

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4 Responses to Another Purple Indicator…

  1. robert says:

    Now I’m really jealous. The Purple One is a genius, and perhaps the most under-rated guitar player on the planet. You lucky fellow Clifford

  2. Carol Johnson says:

    A generous artist – how unusual, so pleased you got to see the magic! cmj+

  3. Terri says:

    Wow Prince !!! I am so jealous! The last time I saw him was during his Purple Rain tour at the Carrier Dome in Sarycuse NY. I think that I missed him here in NYC, plus, no one ever has $25 tckets here. I agree with robert, Prince is a genius guitarist.

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