During idle moments, when nobody is looking, we professors of the Dark Arts are known to practice various techniques. Just for fun, and to stay sharp, you understand. This was during the wait for the USC Presidential inauguration march to begin a couple of weeks ago. (See posts here and here.) As you can see, Nick Warner (right) and I (middle) are engaged in trying different approaches to a remote influence technique as Krzysztof Pilch (left) looks on at the results, somewhat amused. (Click for slightly larger view.)


All in good fun.


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2 Responses to Practice

  1. Per says:

    Does the robe come with the job? Or do you have to get one by yourself? What is the meaning with the different colors?

    Nice pic by the way!

  2. Clifford says:

    Heh… you mean like a work uniform? That would be great! No, the gowns are either owned by those who choose to own one, or you can rent them for special occasions. The hoods around neck and flowing down to the back are the traditional colours used by the institution from which you got your Ph.D., etc. Some institutions have more than the phd., msc., etc colours…. they might have a totally different cap, gown, etc., too, such as Nick’s on the right.

    (I was going to make a joke about Masters of the Dark Arts such as the featured trio also wearing a garment secretly under their robes, but decided against it, since jokes about the name used for the symbol representing the interaction strength of strings will no doubt arise…)