Inception, Abridged!

So have you seen Inception yet? Recall my discussion of it in an earlier post. I thought it was excellent. Ok, so if you have not seen it, scroll on to another post. If you have, then you might love this**. I found it hilarious and quite brilliant. It’s a very funny idea worthy of wider recognition, and so I thought I’d share it with you and hope you share it with others. Now, it is sort of important to know that you have to bear with the video quality and also let yourself get used to Steven Beacon (the performer) and his somewhat frenetic delivery for several minutes so that the actual Inception part (and how he performs it) that comes later is properly appreciated. So stick with it (and you don’t have to understand all he says in the leading up parts of the act)… it’ll be worth it. (Jump to about 07:30 if you are really busy…) Remember, it probably won’t make any sense or seem the slightest bit funny if you’ve not seen the film.

Ok. That’s enough intro. The video is just after the fold. Enjoy!


**Thanks T. And T.

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6 Responses to Inception, Abridged!

  1. Bee says:

    I’ve seen it. It’s a good movie, but can’t say I found it exceptional. First, the story of virtual worlds (or, here, dream worlds) in virtual worlds and then the question which level is the highest (if there is one) has been exploited over and over again. Then, there were so many time-consuming and eventually completely useless parts. Like, there’s constantly guys running through the snow and shooting at something or somebody, they could have dropped 20 minutes of that, totally superfluous. Also, I found the music quite annoying. Too much, too loud. And then, that world the couple “dreamed up,” full of skyscrapers and that’s it? How really disappointing if you consider all the options that they had. That’s not to say it’s a bad movie, totally worth looking. But it doesn’t make it among my favorites.

  2. Clifford says:

    Hi Bee! I hope you are well… Oh, I don’t think anyone above 15 years old claims it is highly original, but in any case what is wrong with exploring ideas like that again? (How many rom coms are there out there being released every week trotting out the same tired ideas…or sports movies, or superhero flicks…) I do agree that the sound mixing might be a problem especially if you are in a cinema that is not well equipped to separate out the dialogue from the music… As for the overt insertion of action bits…well, it is a big Hollywood Blockbuster…what do you expect?

    Yes, It is far from perfect, but overall, for me, the film was a delight because, as I said in my post about the film (and this post is really about the video I linked to):

    …shows that it is possible to make a big budget Summer Blockbuster that does not treat the audience as idiots. It tells you from the opening frames that you’re going to have to pay attention and think during the film, and that interesting ideas and themes are going to be explored, and it certainly lives up to that promise right through to the end. It is thrilling on all sort of levels, and for those who don’t care about ideas, there’s plenty of stuff blowing up and crashing into stuff to keep them happy.



  3. linda lou says:

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  4. Clifford says:

    Dear Linda,

    Thanks for getting in touch with a comment here! I am glad you saw the show, and delighted you find the blog interesting.Yes, I love Morning Glories, and you’ve reminded me to better prepare for getting some ready for next season. It also sounds like you’re quite an expert on canning and freezing vegetables, so I hope you liked reading about my modest efforts in this area…. I’m about to do some fig jam… Excellent cat name! It is, overall, delightful to hear from an accomplished doer and maker such as yourself… Doing and Making are major themes of my life, and hence this blog.



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