Ack! It is September already. Somehow the last few days got away from me and I prepped a number of posts, but then they did not make it to the blog. One of them was another followup to the Friday iPad post (see also here). I wanted to show you one of the things I did in class on Wednesday. Recall that I am experimenting with using the iPad with Note Taker HD in class to simply sit with the students and work through solving problems with them on “paper”… a sort of fireside chat, if you will. The first experiment was on Wednesday, and I did it a little slowly at first, but I think it’ll be just great. Bear in mind I’m just scribbling with my finger here… I think I’ll try using the stylus I got the other day for variety. Click for larger versions.

classroom_chat_1 classroom_chat_2

classroom_chat_3 classroom_chat_4

Oh, it is a scenario involving a policeman turning around his car and chasing after a speeder and catching them. All very exciting.

The great thing about this was that as the students filed out of the classroom, I was already selecting the button to export it all as a pdf, and shortly thereafter I emailed it to all 100 students to use in conjunction with their own notes for the whole session.

I’m using it a little slowly right now, but over the next two weeks I expect to get to a much better speed, and the tool will come into its own.


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  2. robert says:

    Would this device facilitate a fireside chat with students on the other side of the world? I’m lined up to give a set of post-grad lectures – delivered intensively over the space of ten days. After that the follow up work will have to be done long distance. Your new device looks to be better than a webcam and a white board – what do you think?

  3. Clifford says:

    Hi… Interesting idea. Maybe. Not sure how best to make it visible though… You mean to still use a webcam, and point it at a screen or monitor? That might be good…. I guess you don’t have the problem of glare, or standing in the way of the board. But you don’t need an iPad for that, I imagine. Just some program you can draw with on your computer, and point the camera at the monitor…?

    Altrrnatively, some clever program delivers the content nicely to their screen ought to be available…. Some modern version of xchalkboard…?


  4. Claver says:

    Could this ( be useful? Looks very useful. I had never seen it before, I googled a few seconds ago.

  5. Clifford says:

    That’s a fun site!


  6. Ele Munjeli says:

    Beautiful site, imaginationcubed, but what you are looking for is more of an online presentation app that supports both comments in real time and presentation? LogMeIn is a remote app with iPad support (ignition) so any of the the apps you could use on a bigger machine (i.e. flash based Prezi) would work thataway. Ignition costs like $30, but LogMeIn is secure and an I.T. standard. I think Webex has an app for iPad but I’m not sure how it works…

  7. Tevong says:

    Hi Robert, Clifford,

    There’s an app called WebPad (the lite version is free) on the ipad that i’ve quickly tried which gives you a whiteboard to draw on and a personal URL for anyone to go to and see what you’re doing in realtime. It might be too basic to be of use but for speed of setup you can’t beat the 5 mins it’ll take to go from downloading the app to having someone see you doodling in realtime on their browser.

  8. Clifford says:

    Very interesting! Thanks for letting us all know…


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