Ack! It is September already. Somehow the last few days got away from me and I prepped a number of posts, but then they did not make it to the blog. One of them was another followup to the Friday iPad post (see also here). I wanted to show you one of the things I did in class on Wednesday. Recall that I am experimenting with using the iPad with Note Taker HD in class to simply sit with the students and work through solving problems with them on “paper”… a sort of fireside chat, if you will. The first experiment was on Wednesday, and I did it a little slowly at first, but I think it’ll be just great. Bear in mind I’m just scribbling with my finger here… I think I’ll try using the stylus I got the other day for variety. Click for larger versions.

classroom_chat_1 classroom_chat_2

classroom_chat_3 classroom_chat_4

Oh, it is a scenario involving a policeman turning around his car and chasing after a speeder and catching them. All very exciting.

The great thing about this was that as the students filed out of the classroom, I was already selecting the button to export it all as a pdf, and shortly thereafter I emailed it to all 100 students to use in conjunction with their own notes for the whole session.

I’m using it a little slowly right now, but over the next two weeks I expect to get to a much better speed, and the tool will come into its own.


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