Perseids Galore!

perseidmap_stripThe Perseid meteors are reported to be really good viewing this year.

As I said a few years ago in anticipation of a similar nice Perseid meteor shower:

Concerned that you don’t know enough astronomy? No idea in any amount of detail where these constellations are? Don’t worry! Basically, all you really have to do is find a place where the sky is reasonably dark, look [North] East, and wait. As your eyes acclimatise to the dark, and with a bit of luck, you’ll see some, and zero in on where to look.

There’s more at the NASA news site, from which I borrowed the image above. The peak is around these few nights (12th August or so) and there’s no moon, so if you’ve got some dark (ish) skies and a bit of patience, you should see some. Yes, this includes viewers in cities. Don’t be pessimistic. You might be able to find patches of dark enough sky, especially if you can go near to an edge of the city, or a park, and look away from the bulk of the lights. It does not have to be perfect viewing conditions, and be sure to let your eyes get used to conditions, and pick a patch of sky, relax your eyes, and don’t keep flitting them around to see things…. the meteors usually come to you, actually. You don’t need to find Perseus exactly… during a big shower, you can look where ever you like, more or less.

I’ll try to see some on the way back from Artwalk and other fun downtown activities tonight. This is what I did for some fun late night Los Angeles viewing in 2007. Don’t know if such access is available still, and not encouraging anyone to break any rules. Just sayin’.



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2 Responses to Perseids Galore!

  1. Navneeth says:

    Basically, all you really have to do is find a place where
    the sky is reasonably dark…

    …and not completely covered by clouds. 🙁

  2. Jordan Clover says:

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